Set of Four Der Dutchman/Dutch Valley Cookbooks



Buy all four of our currently available Der Dutchman and Dutch Valley Restaurant Cookbooks in a set. Includes selected restaurant recipes and submitted recipes from our employees over the years. You’ll find recipes for “staples” such as Buttermilk Cookies, Pasta Salad, Meatloaf, Fresh Peach Pie, Homemade Ice Cream, Amish Dressing (stuffing) and Beef Barley Soup, as well as unique recipes such as Mock Turkey, Crow’s Nest Pudding, Black Midnight Cake and Lemon Frost Pie, to name a few.

  • Der Dutchman 40th Anniversary Cookbook
  • Der Dutchman 1973 Cookbook
  • Dutch Valley Cookbook, Volume I
  • Dutch Valley Cookbook, Volume II

A great idea for your Amish Gift Basket!

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