Dutchman Amish Pie Fillings



Mmmm…smell the fresh pies baking in the oven. Now, you can use our homemade fruit pie fillings to bake your own pies. We make all our own fillings from scratch with the freshest fruits and ingredients. With your own pie crusts, everyone will think you’ve worked hard all day to make a great pie! In addition to pies, use them over a shortcake, angel food cake, cheesecake or make tarts. We do not use high-fructose corn syrup to make our fruit pie fillings.

Fruit fillings come in one quart packages. Our cooked Cream Pie Custards come in 5 cup packages. Each quart of filling will make approximately one large pie. Prepared in Ohio’s Amish Country.

Note: This item must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival.

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