Amish Fry Pie Sampler



A pie you can hold in your hand, our delicious Amish fry pies are similar to a turnover or Amish half-moon pies. Made with our own pie filling and homemade dough, the pastries are fried then sealed with a sweet vanilla-flavored glaze. Each pie is 5 oz (larger than many commercial fry pies). A great gift idea!

*For maximum enjoyment, we recommend eating these within 3 days of receipt. Keep refrigerated. They may be frozen for up to 4 months if desired.*

One dozen assorted fry pies – includes the following flavors:

  • 2 – Apple
  • 2 – Cherry
  • 2 – Blueberry
  • 2 – Peach
  • 2 – Strawberry
  • 2 – Blackberry

*Please note we ship Monday through Friday (closed Saturday & Sunday). FedEx Picks Up by 1:00 pm Eastern Time.


Half or Whole dozen

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