Experience I HEARD THE BELLS this holiday season in this debut feature by Sight & Sound Films.

About I heard the bells

Known as America's Poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow leads an idyllic life...until the day his world is shattered by tragedy. With a nation divided by Civil War and his family torn apart, Henry puts down his pen, silenced by grief. But it's the sound of Christmas morning that reignites the poet's lost voice as he discovers the resounding hope of rekindled faith.

About Sight and sound 
Sight & Sound® is a ministry on a mission to create spectacular entertainment experiences for the whole family. Since its beginning as a traveling multimedia show in 1976, Sight & Sound® has inspired over 25 million people with stories of faith. Today, Sight & Sound® owns and operates two live theater locations, immersing audiences in state-of-the-art original productions. Sight & Sound TV® launched in 2020, and this online streaming platform has since welcomed a global virtual audience from over 175 countries around the world. Most recently, Sight & Sound® announced expansion into feature films production, with I Heard the Bells as the first-ever theatrical release set for cinemas nationwide December 2022.