This remarkable musical is a story of second chances in one of Sight & Sound’s most beloved productions. Journey alongside an ordinary woman whose faith in God ignites a chain of events that change the course of history.

About Sight and Sound

Sight & Sound Theatres is an entertainment company that produces Bible stories live on stage. Based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Sight & Sound operates two theaters: one in Ronks, Pennsylvania, and the second in Branson, Missouri.

About Ohio Star Theater’s Partnership with Sight & Sound

Ohio Star Theater has been given the opportunity to present original Sight & Sound Productions beginning with Ruth. The musical score, dialogue, story, and characters provided by Sight & Sound will be brought to life on the Ohio Star stage.

Ohio Star theater sign

About Ohio Star Theater

Ohio Star Theater is a state-of-the-art theater in Sugarcreek, Ohio. This beautiful venue is a proscenium theater with 500 plus seats located in heart of Amish country and is home to family-friendly entertainment including Broadway-style musicals, concerts, and other special events throughout the year. Ohio Star Theater is committed to producing theater that provides high production value, compelling storytelling/entertainment, and immersive/intimate audience experiences.

Rehearsals begin on April 1, 2024. Ruth opens for 125 performances on May 15, 2024, and closes November 9, 2024.


Professional Auditions

Auditions are held at these audition sites:

  • All in One Conference (A1)
    • Norwalk CT January 12-15, 2024
  • Unified Professional Theatre Auditions (UPTA)
    • Memphis, TN February 2-5, 2024

Local Auditions

Please submit an Online Audition. Online Auditions will be screened and actors will be scheduled for in-person auditions at Ohio Star Theater.

About Contracts

  • Salaries are up to $400 a week.
  • Housing is provided if you travel over 60 miles
  • Meal stipends
  • Work out facilities
  • Comp tickets
  • Internet/cable

Audition Instructions

You will have up to 2 minutes for your audition. You may choose to do a classical monologue and/or contemporary monologue and/or song whatever you can accomplish within your 2 minutes.

If singing, musical selections should be accompanied by piano or keyboard only:

  • Either live or piano-only track
  • Avoid tracks with background vocals

Taping Instructions

Step 1: The Set-up

  • Please make sure you are in good lighting and a solid background. A wall works just fine.
  • Nothing else should be in the shot except for you. Please make sure your audio is clear. You should be in a three-quarter shot for the entirety of the audition. Please shoot your audition in landscape (horizontally)
  • Face forward and look just off camera, but do not audition straight into the camera lens.

Step 2: Record

  • Non-singing Actors
    • Please state your name and what monologue(s) you’ll be performing. We’d like to see a one-minute contemporary monologue and a second one-minute monologue. Your second monologue may be a classic text or another contemporary piece.
  • Musical Theater
    • Please state your name. We’d like to see a cut of a contemporary musical theatre or pop/rock song: 16 Bars for a ballad and 32 bars for an uptempo.
    • If you are a dancer, please include a dance reel if available.

Step 3: Upload

  • Upload your pre-screen video to Vimeo or YouTube. You may select it as unlisted, but please do not password-protect your video.

How to share your video link

Providing a link to a YouTube video

  • Find your video on YouTube
  • Click on Share
  • Copy the full link and paste it into the “Auditioning Screening Video” field on the Registration form
  • The privacy setting for the video must be set to either Public (the default) or Unlisted
  • The privacy setting for video embedding must be set to Allow Embedding (the default)

Providing a link to a Vimeo video

  • Find your video on Vimeo
  • Click on the Share icon
  • Copy the full link and paste it into the “Auditioning Screening Video” field on the Registration form
  • The privacy setting for the video must be set to either Anyone (the default)
  • The privacy setting for video embedding must be set to Anywhere (the default)

Providing a direct link to a video

  • Copy the complete address such as:
  • Paste it into the “Auditioning Video” field on the Registration form
  • The link must play in a web browser. Test this by having someone paste your link to ensure it works