The Perfect Pair – Troyer’s Trail Bologna and Swiss Cheese



At every Holmes County church potluck, family gathering or party, there’s bound to be a tray of sliced Trail Bologna and Swiss Cheese. It’s the perfect pair!

Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna is named after the Holmes County village of Trail which is too small to have a zip code of its own. The Trail Bologna factory has been in business since 1912 when Michael Troyer began blending his own special seasons to make the Amish Country favorite, wood smoked all-beef ring bologna.

Award-winning Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese is delicious semi-soft cheese with a buttery, subtly sweet flavor. Made with whole milk, its shorter curing time results in smaller “eyes” and a milder nature than traditional Swiss cheese. An excellent choice for snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, fondues and recipes.

Included here:

  • 1lb Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna
  • 1lb Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese

Your bundle will arrive in an insulated shipping cooler.

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